Hello, I’m Jesse

I’m a digital organizer, political advocate, author, educator, and healthcare worker. My pronouns are He/Him and They/Them.

JESSE BRACE is a 26-year-old author, digital organizer, and political advocate whose work focuses on Human Rights specifically: LGBTQIA+, Refugee, and Disability. They are the founder of Transgender Kansas.

They were most recently seen advocating at Conversion Therapy Ordinance meetings around the country.

As an out and proud Trans Nonbinary, Genderfluid (Nonbinary to Trans Man), Panromantic Asexual Queer Disabled activist, they work to educate people on human rights while expanding the scope to help those in the most marginalized communities speak and represent themselves.

-Jesse is an eloquent speaker, capturing their audience with every word. We are so grateful to them for speaking at our Conference and presenting a workshop on Youth Mental Health for us.

-NAMI Staff

-They are very knowledgeable about the needs of LGBTQ+ youth facing mental health challenges and how we as providers can improve our services.

-Pawnee Mental Health Caseworker

-A born advocate, Jesse spoke tirelessly on Capitol Hill to several politicians and staff without missing a beat. Jesse truly has the heart and soul of an angel advocating for LGBT+ youth and every marginalized community along the way

-Adam, HRC Volunteer

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